All of our services are booked one of three ways, by mileage, hourly rate, or by a flat rate charge.  For any extra miles, hours, or additional flat rate services we charge extra since we almost always have additional runs booked one after the other.  If you do go over the initial reservation agreement, we will let you know and charge you either before or after the services.

We love our pets, but it may not be the best idea to bring them along in such expensive vehicles.  If you do, or need to bring a pet, you will be responsible for any damages that occur due to their claws, teeth or activities.  We will work to accommodate all of our clients.

Our limousines and buses are large vehicles.  Even still, some vehicles may be better for wheelchair access then others.  Our Sprinter is the best vehicle for wheelchair access.  We have a wheelchair ramp that we deploy when we are asked to provide this service.  The other vehicles may be difficult to access, but we will do our best to accommodate all our guests.

Almost all of our staff and drivers speak Spanish, Creole, and English.  We will work to accommodate all of our clients.  If you would like a driver with a certain dialect, please let us know.

Yes our company is licensed as a VFH (Vehicle for Hire) service provider with Palm Beach County Florida. You can access the website for this licensing agency at :

PBC VFH Website 

All of our chauffeurs and drivers are also registered with this division with a license called a HACK license.  Each driver will be wearing their bag showing they are licensed and registered.  Additionally most of our chauffeurs have commercial drivers licenses.

Yes our company and vehicles are insured.

NO.  Our prices or rates do not include gratuity.

YES.  They all do.  They also have an auxiliary cord as well.

NO.  We do nott provide Alcohol, Beer or Wine, however, you can bring your own.   Keep in mind, over-indulgence can lead to motion sickness on a moving vehicle.  Cleaning of our vehicles do to sickness of passengers is an additional fee.  We encourage our customers to enjoy their experience with the consumption of alcohol in moderation. We do not allow underage drinking.

Our service includes ice in every vehicle as well as water, sodas, cups, champagne glasses and napkins.  You and your guests can bring along any other food or drink item they wish.   No underage drinking however.

YES.  All of our chauffeurs and drivers are required to have a background screening completed prior to receiving their HACK license.

YES.  All of our chauffeurs and drivers are drug tested.  They must be DRUG FREE in order to operate any of our vehicles.

No.  Bathrooms are not provided on any of our vehicles.  For long trips, our buses stop periodically for bathroom breaks.

Our limousines rent for a minimum of 3 hours.  The party buses rent for a minimum of 4 hours.

Yes, we provide port and airport transfers at a flat rate or mileage rate.

NO.  Satellite reception in a moving vehicle has been found to be unreliable.  You are encouraged to bring DVD’s with you of items you wish to view on the vehicles TV’s.

We do not allow smoking on any of our vehicles including vaping, smoking of cigarettes, or any other activity which releases fumes into the air which can be absorbed by the interior fabric of the vehicles.